Effective May 1st, the incredible Fur Traders legacy, established by Barry and Marjorie Costello, is under the new ownership of Wendy Ermshar, a Nevada County native.


After nearly 50 years as leaders of commerce in historic Nevada City, the Costello’s are deservedly retiring.  But the days of quality leather goods, fur hides, handmade shoes, cozy slippers and more, will live on at 303 Broad Street.


That’s because Ms. Ermshar couldn’t stand to see such a beloved store leave the landscape of Nevada City’s commercial district.  


“I grew up with Fur Traders and have long loved it for the quality merchandise and the nostalgic personality, which hearkens back to an 1800’s Gold Rush Era trading post.”


Wendy was born at the Sierra Nevada Memorial hospital and graduated from the Nevada Joint Union School District.  After attending college, she ascended through corporate leadership at a luxury retailer based in the Midwest.  In 2015, Wendy returned home to Nevada County with a strong belief in the importance of focusing locally.  Her vision is to pay forward her experience and her heart to this community that has nurtured her.


“It is an honor to carry on where Marjie and Barry are leaving off.  I look forward to contributing to the vibrancy of Nevada City for residents and tourists alike.”


The transition will occur throughout summer while the store continues to operate normal business hours 10am-6pm, seven days a week.  Find your favorite brands still available, plus exciting new merchandise rolling in as the seasons progress.


“It’s important that we keep the soul of Fur Traders intact and in service to the amazing customers who have been shopping here for generations.  It’s also my intention to bring new perspective and energy that will appeal to and serve generations to come.”


Follow our evolution on Instagram @FurTraders and drop in any time!