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Fur Traders

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Leather Fineries

Past & Presence

In 1978, Fur Traders was established in Nevada City, California, by an enterprising couple who brought traditional fur garments, pelts & hides back to our historic Gold Rush Era community.

Fur Traders has since delighted generations of locals & visitors alike, with a flair for the unique, the glamorous, and the oft outrageous.

With NEW OWNERSHIP effective May 1, 2022, Fur Traders' latest evolution progresses into sustainably tanned leather fineries, premium steerhides & sheepskins, quality comfort footwear & apparel, and a committment to community.



Natural materials develop patina and character with every use. Leather takes on a custom fit that softens to your unique shape the more it is loved. As a breathable, biodegradable bi-product of other industries, leather is a sustainable choice that can be passed to future generations.

Waste not. Want not.