Highland Calf Footstool - Ash
Highland Calf Footstool - Ash

Highland Calf Footstool - Ash

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Hi! I'm a Highland Calf Footstool born in the Highlands of Scotland and I'd love to come live with you! I promise I won't make a mess around your home, I definitely won't bite and I might even let you use me to rest your feet on...

Handmade & fully upholstered Highland Calf Footstool 

This is a CALF sized footstool - which is smaller than the full sized footstools (see product pictures)

Covered with a genuine sheepskin

Solid wooden legs.

Adjustable tweed horns.

A solid-wood, hand-finished snout.

Please note that all the footstools can photograph differently and may not look identical to the pictures; the product pictures are taken in natural daylight.


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