Ragg Wool Beanie Cherry Blossom

Ragg Wool Beanie Cherry Blossom

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This wonderful beanie is 100% made in the U.S.A. from American Ragg Wool, knit in upstate NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY. The Ragg Wool Beanie is a heavy weight double layer cap. 

Content 85% USA Wool, 15% USA Nylon.

What is Ragg Wool? The nylon in this traditional workwear/gardening wool blend allows for shape retention and durability. The high quality wool will wick away moisture to keep the head warm and dry.

Machine wash with any detergent and lay flat to dry, you can machine dry on delicate but we do not really recommend this.

Size Info One Size Length: 11.5" (without fold) Width: 9" (at base)

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