Paradise Found

Paradise Found, carrying on an American favorite and proudly made in Honolulu, HI. A true authentic Hawaiian Shirt.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s the “Aloha Shirt” became a universal symbol of Hawaii’s warmth and spirit.  Today, almost 80 years later, Paradise Found & Diamond Head Sportswear carry on the Hawaiian tradition by manufacturing the highest quality, most authentic versions of the islands favorite designs.  From the warm, romantic days of old Hawaii, we proudly present our collection of “Made in Hawaii”, The islands most authentic designs of nostalgic and modern “Aloha Shirts,” all of which embody the spirit of Aloha! 

Paradise found shirts have even been worn and enjoyed by celebrities such as Tom Selleck, Will Farrell, and Luis Guzmán. You have probably seen their shirts in many movies and T.V. episodes over the decades, which just goes to show that a good Hawaiian shirt never goes out of style.

Their most popular, and iconic print, is the Jungle Bird but another must-have, customer favorite is the all-white Bamboo, which is the perfect mix of dressy and casual for your next vacation or beach wedding.

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