The shoe with a twist!

Created by a Woman for Women 

I am very excited and proud to present to you Modzori shoe!

In our busy, active lives, we all need shoes that are cool, stylish, comfortable, and fit for any occasion.

How many times have you gotten shoes that were “to die for” and you actually felt like you were dying until you take them off? Have you ever thought of the fact that most shoes are created by men that have no way to know what it’s like to be in women’s shoes?

The shoe with a twist

The Modzori is a luxury convertible shoe, demonstrates a new outlook on transformable footwear with an elegance and appeal that is unparalleled due to the designer fantasy edge. Modzori has a distinct uniqueness that is a sole above the transformable design concept. Modzori line is not only unique conceptually, it is perfect for every woman’s individual style, it is beautiful, alluring, and captivating in every sense. The beautiful collection of Modzori sandals with reversible and reconfigurable uppers, allowing you to create many different looks. The uppers are designed to complete any ensemble, no matter the color, fabric, or design lines of the garment, the options are endless and unlimited, giving you the ultimate shoe experience.

Modzori shoes are for real women who want to look great, fashionable, and cool, be young and feel young at any time and all the time.

The Designer’s background

Creator and designer of the Modzori luxury convertible shoe, Yelena Shmurak is a successful fashion clothing designer with many years of experience creating outstanding women’s clothes. Yelena has created gorgeous clothing lines for notable and well known fashion labels.

Since Yelena’s father was a paint and sculpture artist she was immersed in the world of art and creativity throughout her childhood. At a very young age, Yelena knew exactly who she wanted to become. While in college, she worked as a runway model, immersing herself in the world of fashion, and it is here that Yelena discovered fashion’s beauty and power.

Involved in all aspects of design, from the technical, to the art of creation, to the fashion show itself, Yelena was able to nurture her passion to create and is a force to be reckoned with. She is the “ghost designer” of the fashion industry, well known and very respected for the creative aspects of her garments. Yelena’s design signature has always been glamorous details with luxury hardware to produce harmonious, stand out details for the garment.

Yelena’s goal has always been to create clothing with the best fit, the best lines, and the best fabric, producing a harmonic combination of design for the perfect garment. The garments Yelena created were inspiring and always exhibited a twist, which became her trademark. It isn’t surprising that she would go on to become an extremely talented and award winning designer. Then the unique idea for the Modzori convertible shoe was born, and now Yelena and the Modzori label stand poised to reign over the fashion world with innovative and cutting edge shoe design. Modzori, the evolution of transformable uppers with a single sole, crafted with a designer touch.

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