Vintage Springbok Hide
Vintage Springbok Hide

Vintage Springbok Hide

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A unique opportunity to own a vintage African Springbok Hide. With a soft cinnamon upper body, white belly, and dark brown flanks, it brings a touch of elegant color to any space. Its soft fur makes it perfect for draping over furniture or as a small area rug. Upgrade your living space with this unique piece.

The Springbok is a medium sized antelope. Their natural habitat is formed by the dry inlands of South Africa, of which it is also the national symbol. The animal gets its name from its ability to leap high into the air.
Approximate Dimensions: 32" x 24"
Our springbok skin rugs are all unique and may vary in size, shape and colour. The skin that you receive will be slightly different from the ones shown. All of our springbok skin rugs are perfectly tanned, trimmed and beautifully soft.

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