How to Care for Sheepskin

Most sheepskin products can be gently hand or machine washed.  We recommend using The Fur Traders Sheepskin Shampoo with added lanolin for all of your washable sheepskins.  However, you may also use Ivory liquid shampoo or Ivory hand soap.

Alkaline cleaning and heat can damage the skins.

We recommend detergents which are non-alkaline, non-ionic and do not contain biological enzymes.  Improper washing with a detergent that does not meet these requirements can cause de-tannage in sheepskins. This should be avoided as in extreme de-tannage the skins will shrink and/or deteriorate the item.

Severe heat can also damage sheepskins resulting in shrinking and hardening of the pelts.  These washable sheepskins can only be washed in water not to exceed 110° Fahrenheit.  They can be tumble dried on the GENTLE CYCLE, NO HEAT to remove moisture and speed the drying process but we stress that these sheepskins must not be dried completely!  The ideal cleaning process is a cold water wash with Ivory soap, followed by air-drying.

Wool will crimp after washing.  This is a benefit for baby care or bed patients since crimp allows these sheepskins to be more absorbent.  If you want to have the original straight haired appearance, use a pet dog brush (wire brush or slicker brush) to restore the nap.  This wire brush will also help to keep the sheepskins free of dirt, fresh and fluffy.  You can also spot clean these sheepskins with a sponge and/or a bit of soap.

For more than one skin sewn together as for rugs, these washable sheepskins may be too large for a regular washer.  These can be dry cleaned for the best results.

Small soiled areas may be sponge cleaned.  These rugs should be cleaned by an expert carpet steam cleaner using a colorless detergent with a pH below 7.5 .  Brush wool while still wet and leave the rug to dry away from artificial heat.  These sheepskin rugs may also be cleaned using either white spirits or perchlorethylene.

These instructions are intended as advice for our customers to continue to enjoy their sheepskin products for a long time.  We have used and will continue to use these methods for our own sheepskins.  However, The Fur Traders and does not guarantee any results from the methods listed above and is not responsible for any damage caused by washing your sheepskin by the above methods.