The internet’s most beloved cat has sadly passed away and left us all a little more Grumpy.

Show your love for Grumpy Cat with our hilarious selection of Grumpy Cat tribute socks, and let her memory live on!

It all started back in late September 2012, when Tabatha Bundesen posted the first two pictures of her cat “Tardar sauce” online for the world to see.

From there Tardar Sauce became an insta-hit, quickly earning her the nickname “Grumpy Cat” and spawning all manner of memes and merchandise.Grumpy Cat quickly became one of the most recognizable faces anywhere, from appearances on national news sites to becoming the new spokeskitten for Friskies in 2013. Her fame continued to grow throughout her life, until her unfortunate passing in mid May 2019.


We will always remember Grumpy Cat and her wonderful ability to bring smiles and joy to the world. From her hilarious memes to her laughter inducing socks, we will always miss Tardar Sauce.